Self Expression

You are You!

We've all been at a point where you're just tired of people telling you about you. You're not them and trust me they know nothing. No one has the right to tell you that their life is harder than yours. No one has the right to invalidate your struggles because they got through it just… Continue reading You are You!



Social media has become a very powerful venue for people belonging to all sorts of backgrounds and departments to SHARE their THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. It has brought millions of people from all around the world together. It is helping them send a unifying message that every individual’s approach and perspective matters and it has helped… Continue reading Deliverance

Self Expression

Reality of I, me, myself only

I really dont like taking about my self, my name is Sultan Fareed, 22 year old who lives in Lahore Pakistan. I come from a normal family and i am currently studying in Lahore School of Economics doing my bachelors in marketing and media. I chose this university because of its good reputation and repute… Continue reading Reality of I, me, myself only