Freedom Of Speech, A Fundamental Right

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. Everybody is allowed and has this complete right of expressing themselves in every socially appropriate way that they want to express themselves in. Restricting freedom of speech is a crime in itself. Why would one not allow somebody to speak what they really want to say? They… Continue reading Freedom Of Speech, A Fundamental Right


Let them say what matters

##Social media acts as a platform where people can express their thoughts and use this platform as a mean to voice their opinions.¬†Whether it is via a Facebook status, Twitter updates, Snapchat stories or the photos you share, these are some ways in which a person can freely express themselves. Interest and views are put… Continue reading Let them say what matters


Speak your mind

Freedom of speech is the right given to individuals to express openly what are they are thinking without any kind of restraint from the law. This is recognised as a human right. This allows people to know the opinions of other people which makes them more productive. When people are free to speak, it allows… Continue reading Speak your mind