The free speech positive view

Freedom of speech on social media Freedom of speech or expression literally means one's freedom to express his or her ideas without any restrictions or  fear of being criticized, through any media. Freedom of speech has been declared as a human right under act 19 of UHDHR.Eleanor Roosevelt  and the Univeral human declaration of human… Continue reading The free speech positive view

Awaaz, Freedom of speech on social media

Socially Sorted!

"The power of social media is it forces necessary change." -Eric Qualman In the 21st century, Social media is regarded to be a gift and to be one of the most powerful tools. It is as lethal a weapon as a nuke. talking about social media, in specific, it has the capability to actually change… Continue reading Socially Sorted!


Learn to live so free

Web-based social networking is an incredible approach to inspire individuals to convey their views. They help depict your interests, your perspectives and help cement your identity. They offer a stage for you to act naturally, to be inventive, to be who you need to be. Regardless of whether it be through a Facebook status, Twitter,… Continue reading Learn to live so free


It’s Not That Bad

Social media has given our society a better way of life and it has aided people in their daily lives. These channels have been established to allow us all (well, anyone with internet access) to share, connect, interact and collaborate. Essentially, social platforms amplify our voices and that is exactly what makes them great. “Social… Continue reading It’s Not That Bad