And They Hush You Down

The cyber world is much like our own. There are criminal and there are vigilantes. The criminals are those who dare – they dare to speak, to ruminate, to rectify. And there are the vigilantes, those who take upon their shoulders the burden of the singular morality. The kind of morality that leaves no room… Continue reading And They Hush You Down


Freedom Of Speech Is Everyone’s Right

Social media is free for everyone and is a good aspect for people who want to express themselves. Now days there are many mediums of expressing yourself and your opinion to the mass public or may it be for the people you know like facebook, twitter etc where it’s not limited to words but pictures… Continue reading Freedom Of Speech Is Everyone’s Right


Looking At The Brighter Side

They talk about freedom of speech, they talk about freedom of expression, freedom of thought. “What is this freedom?” some ask and others answer, “ it is the freedom to be our true selves and the freedom to share this self of ours with those around us, without ever fearing unacceptable and disrespect.” A platform… Continue reading Looking At The Brighter Side

Self Expression

Reality of I, me, myself only

I really dont like taking about my self, my name is Sultan Fareed, 22 year old who lives in Lahore Pakistan. I come from a normal family and i am currently studying in Lahore School of Economics doing my bachelors in marketing and media. I chose this university because of its good reputation and repute… Continue reading Reality of I, me, myself only