I tell the world..

Social media today have added power to our words. Social media has given a chance to people to express freely. Social media is a fantastic way to potray our interests, views and help us show people what we are. It is a platform for us to be just ourself, more creative and much more. Social… Continue reading I tell the world..



If you are going to fill the air in a balloon more than a fair level then it is going to burst at any time, the same case is with the general public. There is a small division who wants to suppress the thoughts of a larger group but social media has been a blessing… Continue reading Uncensored.

Myself, Self Expression

A Self Made Man 

​I have certain goals like every teenager about my future. And i am very passionate to achieve those goals. I make plans, i spend hours and hours thinking on how i will become the man that i have thought of. I have a role model whom i want to follow and be called what he… Continue reading A Self Made Man 


Freedom Of Speech Is Everyone’s Right

Social media is free for everyone and is a good aspect for people who want to express themselves. Now days there are many mediums of expressing yourself and your opinion to the mass public or may it be for the people you know like facebook, twitter etc where it’s not limited to words but pictures… Continue reading Freedom Of Speech Is Everyone’s Right