Social media is a fantastic way for people to express themselves openly. It helps people in portraying their interests, opinions and point of views and helps them show other people who they actually are and what their stance is. They offer a platform for people to be themselves, to be creative, and to be who… Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW PUBLIC SPHERE


“Speak Up”

Social media is a fabulous means to help individuals convey the messages they need to deliver. Regardless of whether it is by means of a Facebook status, composing on dividers, Twitter refreshes, photographs you share, all these are augmentations of you and your identity. They help depict your interests, your perspectives and help indicate individuals’… Continue reading “Speak Up”


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech means to articulate your opinions and ideas within the limitations of law. It is also known as freedom of expression. Everyone in this world is born free and has the right to express his feelings on any platform within the boundaries set by the law. Social media is the fastest way of… Continue reading Freedom of Speech

Self Expression

Glass half full

The worst thing about clichés is that they often restrict thought about the clichéd object in question to only one of its facets – the other sides of it tragically go forsaken. For example, if I tell you I’ve spent the life of a marionette, the obvious implication would be a life of external dominance… Continue reading Glass half full