Awaaz, Freedom of speech on social media, Self Expression

Freedom of Speech

Pakistan got its first constitution, nine years after independence, on March 23, 1956. This constitution guaranteed the right to freedom of expression under Article 8. The freedom of press was not mentioned here. This constitution was based on the Government of India Act of 1935 and was abrogated by the military regime of Field Marshal… Continue reading Freedom of Speech



Social media is a fantastic way for people to express themselves openly. It helps people in portraying their interests, opinions and point of views and helps them show other people who they actually are and what their stance is. They offer a platform for people to be themselves, to be creative, and to be who… Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE NEW PUBLIC SPHERE


Social Media; The Unstoppable Force of Today’s World.

In today’s world the social media is not just a mode of entertainment but serves a greater purpose to reinforce the voice of the common man. With a single social media application, one can not only voice their opinions but change the view of the entire world. Social media helps us connect, form trustworthy relationships,… Continue reading Social Media; The Unstoppable Force of Today’s World.


It’s Not That Bad

Social media has given our society a better way of life and it has aided people in their daily lives. These channels have been established to allow us all (well, anyone with internet access) to share, connect, interact and collaborate. Essentially, social platforms amplify our voices and that is exactly what makes them great. “Social… Continue reading It’s Not That Bad