Self Expression

The more you try, The less you know

life is a roller-coaster, once you challenge to live it, you may see yourself changing with time. however living the best life yet trapped within yourself. Like I say, describing yourself can reveal you and your personality. Be someone you want people to see you but don't let them to over-rule you. talking about myself,… Continue reading The more you try, The less you know


Speak your mind

Freedom of speech is the right given to individuals to express openly what are they are thinking without any kind of restraint from the law. This is recognised as a human right. This allows people to know the opinions of other people which makes them more productive. When people are free to speak, it allows… Continue reading Speak your mind

Self Expression

Should i live today or tomorrow..

Oh when i meet someone, when i get married, when i have children, when do i lose when do i gain, when do i get my job then when do i retire. All our life revolves around our desires. We want to get what we want to be happy. Meanwhile time moves on regardless if… Continue reading Should i live today or tomorrow..