” Let us Brighten you about ourselves.”

Hypewriters represent marketing and media students of Lahore school of economics, which looks forward in portraying themselves and their point of view on certain emerging circumstances.

We as a section have been bonding with each other since three years and together we all are highly passionate about bringing inanimate objects to something enthralling and we’ve been quite successful in achieving it.
From portraying the art of personification to bringing avatar life to reality we’ve struggled through every step.

It is our believe that we all in this world are here to perform a duty. We are a part of our institution’s corporate social responsibility, helping our society by creating awareness regarding use of medicines , teaching students in our free hours, celebrating water day and spreading happiness through sharing small gifts among the neglected ones.

So surely, we are hyperactive and we do sometimes make our staff a bit hyper too but motivating someone else is what gives us buzz.