Freedom Of Speech, A Fundamental Right

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. Everybody is allowed and has this complete right of expressing themselves in every socially appropriate way that they want to express themselves in. Restricting freedom of speech is a crime in itself. Why would one not allow somebody to speak what they really want to say? They should be allowed to express themselves and this also helps them learn what is wrong and what is right and what should be said explicitly and what shouldn’t be.


In this modern age, where social media usage is rapidly increasing, it is important to understand that freedom of speech applies to universal degree and that the people’s opinion should not be stepped on.

Social media provides a huge and a great global platform, especially for an average person, to express themselves freely and to be heard. They can easily, without revealing their identity, express themselves and can also connect with people from all around the world who have similar thoughts and ideas. This not only broadens the horizons but also lets you learn about yourself and the world. Freedom of speech will let people express their positivist and negative perspectives regarding the issue which will enable one to see it from all perspectives and might change one’s point of view.

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