The free speech positive view

Freedom of speech on social media

Freedom of speech or expression literally means one’s freedom to express his or her ideas without any restrictions or  fear of being criticized, through any media. Freedom of speech has been declared as a human right under act 19 of UHDHR.Eleanor Roosevelt  and the Univeral human declaration of human rights (1949), Article 19 states that :
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; yet not everyone receives it. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The social networking sites have a big impact on our daily life and especially regarding freedom of speech. In my perspective, I see social media as a key platform for freedom of expressions, thoughts and ideas. One with an access to the internet can easily create an account, which will allow to express their own opinions on a daily basis, through tweets, status updates, comments and photographs etc.
For people  suffering from doxophobia, online networking sites provide them the opportunity to share their ideas freely.They can easily comment about anything they want to hence it is one of the biggest advantages of all. This can actually invoke confidence in such individuals as they do not have to face the people who might criticize them.

     One can easily debate without any restrictions and fear of hurting anyones point of view,usually such debates are healthy as they are not useless.One gets to know a lot about things happening in society, hidden secrets or ugly truths are usually unveiled.Journalists have benefited a lot from this as they can easily highlight a topic and share their perceptions without any restrictions or limitations.

For e.g.: David Cameron used networking sites to approach his voters for listening to their opinions.                                                                                                                             Government nowadays is using social networking sites to force people to fill different questionnaires and surveys which could help them knowing the people’s opinion regarding an issue that has been raised and that could help the officials understand the problems faced by them .

Social media has become an extension of our lives. Emergence of social media has dramatically reshaped the ways in which we are able to express ideas. The technological evolution of free expression is not simply limited to the emergence of Facebook and Twitter. Anyone can easily set up a blog and start communicating with a potential audience of over two billion people where they can talk about political,educational,traditional and various other topics.Those topics which appear to be false and are only based on suspicions or people’s perceptions or some sort of observation are usually dropped out, only those facts and arguments are considered which appear to be close to truth.In this way it helps people clear their misunderstandings and broaden their views

The technology allows for freedom of expression which has brought with it an improper conflation of public and private expression. In order to have the freedom of expression now we don’t necessarily need to have the ability to share that expression. Writing a piece of literature that will never be read is a form of self-expression and internet allows such sort of self expression to be shared with people and hence again adding another benefit is that we can share such with our customized groups .
From all of the aspects I have come to this conclusion, that in a democratic country like Pakistan, one has the right to express his or her personal opinion through social media. This allows the exchange of ideas, analysis of different opinions. The country cannot rely on the biased thoughts of political personas. Freedom of expression will allow to spread some brilliant and innovative ideas coming from any mediocre individual.


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