Awaaz, Freedom of speech on social media

Socially Sorted!

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” -Eric Qualman
In the 21st century, Social media is regarded to be a gift and to be one of the most powerful tools. It is as lethal a weapon as a nuke. talking about social media, in specific, it has the capability to actually change the audiences perception or their stance on something. It can convert a hero into villain and a villain to a hero. It can be used to make or break a business. It can also make or break a person.

The truth is, the moral problems about freedom and expression in real life, can now be applied to the virtual world. Whether we like it or not, or even agree with it, it’s liberal enough to be good for people to express themselves and find themselves.
The world has evolved around social media due to the fact that it provides a platform for the people to raise their voices. Also, it is a way for many to vent their anger without any fear because everyone has been given the freedom of speech that can be done on any platform. The turkey incident that happened a few years ago in Taksim square where the mob grew just because of the social media posts and people all around the world immensely supported them.


Having said this, Social media has gained significant momentum as a business tool in the past few years and many other institutions have become extremely dependent on social media especially the business sector since 90% of the people are reliant on E-commerce. Social media has become a huge phenomena and it gives a real way for businesses to grow. Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn , Instagram are widely supporting businesses due to their widespread popularity and gives a platform to everyone and many small businesses utilize social media as a marketing tool because it costs nothing and it reaches a large audience and they can directly communicate with their friends and family as a business.Social-Media-People.png

However, social media has revolutionized the world and it should be effectively used in all manner and it is one of the best inventions of the last century as It allows us to stay in contact with people we would have left behind, and it allows us to preserve our memories in a time capsule. However, it can also make or break a person depending on how someone reacts. Social media has been a blessing for the entire world since the universe has become a global village where people can interact with one another at any time, at any place.


4 thoughts on “Socially Sorted!”

  1. Social media has actually become a blessing for all of us. Many of us constantly complain about how it has been a disadvantage but it has literally done miracles. It has made the world united.
    Keep it up!


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