Self Expression

You are You!

We’ve all been at a point where you’re just tired of people telling you about you. You’re not them and trust me they know nothing. No one has the right to tell you that their life is harder than yours. No one has the right to invalidate your struggles because they got through it just fine. No one has the right to tell you to suck it up because other people have it worse. Hardships are not comparable. Your struggles are real, legitimate and just as difficult as anyone else’s.


People don’t realize the damage they’re going to cause when they open their mouth carelessly. People don’t tell you who you are you tell them. Its about accepting others for who they are and not what you want them to become. Its not that other people had a choice in becoming better or lesser than you but i believe in respecting them for it.


Take time. Think before you speak. Your words matter. People might say you should be straight forward and  that you shouldn’t be upset about what a third person says but i really think it all matters, deep down it does for everyone. Speaking your heart out isn’t bad but it isn’t good when you do it for others. There’s no sincerity in words where you hurt others by what you say. A girl will think what about a guy said about her, a guy would think when other guys call him sissy for being nice, a teacher would think when you disrespect him/her. We’re all human and we all feel.


So when you say something to them or to anyone know that your words matter because they do. You don’t define anyone you simply don’t have the right. For those who feel the same, say no to the world’s demand and be open to the longings of your own heart. Withdraw yourself from a place where millions of mouths are filled that talk too much but never have anything to say. Respect each other, smile more often, say nice words, and make this world a pleasant and positive place. Care for yourself because its not self indulgence its self respect.



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