Social media has become a very powerful venue for people belonging to all sorts of backgrounds and departments to SHARE their THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. It has brought millions of people from all around the world together. It is helping them send a unifying message that every individual’s approach and perspective matters and it has helped millions find their voice to combat policymakers and politicians.


Social Media has ‘democratized information’; any person can be independent of the organization you’re working for. It gives you the opportunity to become:

  • a publisher
  • a content writer
  • an opinion leader
  • a reviewer
  • or a blogger!

The minute your opinion is aggregated by a bunch of people you become a source of information and at times that also contribute in generating income; so social media is such a platform which gives you innumerable opportunities by just speaking your heart out. It is ALLOWING for a lot more opinions, it is ALLOWING a lot more media generation! Those who believe that what they want to consume or talk about something that is not being fed by the media; a topic or an agenda that is considered as a “taboo” or a “stereotype”, people can break through that by just SPEAKING UP!

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In a country like ours where the minority is often neglected SOCIAL MEDIA gives you the FREEDOM OF SPEECH! You can talk against terrorism, violence, corruption, injustice on various sites and your words go viral such as on TWITTER. It places its network in a constitutionally social justice infested company. They seem to care far more about people who ridicule feminists than any other institutions that are set up. At least they are shaped into doing something serious.


Moreover, the interaction over social media also builds social capital. Pages like Foodies R US, Makeup, Makeup and More Makeup, all talk about what they come up with each day, what brand/company/ restaurants they prefer over the other, what they would recommend the others and what not and so on. Apart from these there a lot more sites, pages, blogs which provide you with a new worldview, new insights into what’s it like to be a person NOT LIKE YOU…

3 thoughts on “Deliverance”

  1. This is an initiative that can and should be taken by every individual as it gives the sense of responsibility. These are the little steps which can be taken by people who are not given a chance to speak as they are not in power.

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