If you are going to fill the air in a balloon more than a fair level then it is going to burst at any time, the same case is with the general public. There is a small division who wants to suppress the thoughts of a larger group but social media has been a blessing for out power ones and provided them with a dais so that they can raise their voice and let the world know about their viewpoint. free-speech-voltaire

Social Media is the optimum platform available where people can express themselves while staying in a comfort zone. After the advancement in IT, expressing the feelings and thoughts in words has been easier.Not just that, it has unified the users on same page. Some people who lack in having interaction face to face, social media have done a great favor for them. With the days passing, the numbers of socializing platforms are increasing and the online community is becoming more active. It has made the time and distance of no importance where East and West are just the same over the web.

The issue being face by the social media is that we are raising the number of user and most of them have a great grip on socializing but lack in knowledge, for quantity we have actually sacrificed the quality. This has resulted in some poor contributions to the society and, by the society. In a region like Pakistan where there is absence of education the trend of social media is rapidly going upwards which has even worsen the condition and is becoming a curse.the-worst-part-of-censorship-is-12129435

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