Self Expression

The more you try, The less you know


life is a roller-coaster, once you challenge to live it, you may see yourself changing with time. however living the best life yet trapped within yourself. Like I say, describing yourself can reveal you and your personality. Be someone you want people to see you but don’t let them to over-rule you.

talking about myself, I am a person who can assure you loyalty because being loyal costs you nothing but it may take everything from you if you’re not a man of your actions. As a person I have some positive and negative traits which makes me as a whole individual human-being. I am someone who would be sarcastic yet offending many but honest at the same time.

I am “ME” with the people I adore the most and no-one in the crowd. I’ve learned to sustain myself in every phase because to live it, you need to pass by every color of life to know who you’re!


Something I only tell people about me is that I am a foodie and when it comes to food, i can be very sensitive because food is something i can never resist, in-fact “I LIVE FOR FOOD” and I have always found eating most of the times publicly.

IMG-20140421-WA0252         IMG-20150201-WA0002_1

Lastly, I am someone who may give you a reason to smile but a lot of reasons to rethink because I m unpredictable and hard to find. A totally different person around my people but reserved with others because I choose people I want to know me not the world to decide for me.



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