Speak your mind

Freedom of speech is the right given to individuals to express openly what are they are thinking without any kind of restraint from the law. This is recognised as a human right.

This allows people to know the opinions of other people which makes them more productive. When people are free to speak, it allows them to speak openly without any hesitation resulting in great ideas plus their opinions regarding what is right and what is wrong. Another benefit is, when everyone is speaking freely, it lets people know what is the majority. This helps in better decision making.

Freedom of speech also helps in equal rights for all. I even a single person believes that he is not being treated fairly, his opinion can help him get the rights he wants especially if its a majority. It is the government’s responsibility to help the citizens needs. This basically makes sure that all opinions will be taken into account.

My personal take on this is that everyone should be given the freedom of speech, because it allows people to express themselves and the problems that they are facing, people feel safe when they are free to speak because they know that they are not breaking the law and the government will protect them. Every country should give their people the freedom to speak.


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