“Speak Up”

Social media is a fabulous means to help individuals convey the messages they need to deliver. Regardless of whether it is by means of a Facebook status, composing on dividers, Twitter refreshes, photographs you share, all these are augmentations of you and your identity. They help depict your interests, your perspectives and help indicate individuals’ identity. They offer a stage for you to speak up, to be innovative, and to be who you are and above all, help provide a crowd of people who would listen to your call. Basically, social media has changed the way we convey messages, in gatherings, communities, societies are those immediately within our communication circle. Freedom of speech is one of the fundamental human rights. Un-Doubtfully, the social media that a majority of us use every day is an exception to the rule that we can say what we want to say without fear of backlash. In general, there are exceptions that prevent hate speech, defamation, and threats. Some of these aren’t legal, just frowned upon by the society at large, while others can get someone in trouble. Social media sites allow for the spread of all types of speech, from spoken word pieces on sites to shorter phrases said in 140 characters.

For individuals who think that it’s hard to connect with others face to face, Internet helps them convey messages easily without making us feel reluctant or apprehensive. It is difficult, however, to choose which pieces of speech are worthy of protection from action and which can be used against someone in legal proceedings. Not everything said on social media can be taken as said. What one person deems as offensive and disturbing may incite a different emotion in another person. Striking a balance between unfiltered free speech, political correctness, and censorship is difficult. Everybody has a privilege to state what they think and feel thus this is a decent route for those less certain to make their stand. It gives a level playing field on the off chance that you like. When somebody feels cheerful and delighted, they can convey it more articulately and potentially, even pick for themselves a wide gathering of people, which they may some way or another, have discovered hard to accomplish. It is more like to share.

Social media can help you be yourself and conjure certainty to the individuals who require it. This is on the grounds that you are not facing individual and personal feedback or nerves since you don’t need to see any individual who might be basic about you. Composed remarks can rouse sound verbal confrontation as you have sufficient energy to pull it together, while, individuals scrutinizing you in person can be troublesome, make you frenzy and make you be protective. Everybody should have trust in themselves and their convictions, and systems administration can help raise and teach individuals in this. Speech is not, nor has it ever been, a completely good vs. evil situation. There is so much more behind a string of text than just the literal meaning of the words. This is what makes it so difficult to decide who has a right to be on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Surely, it is a way for some people to vent their anger without feeling self-conscious, nervous, or upset without resorting to violent actions. Everyone has a right to say what they think. Retweets, liking, or even posting your own status can be as effective as screaming at the top of your lungs at a protest. Lately, Facebook has been full of posts that educated everyone. Social media has also become a home to those people who post positive things about topics from body-positive Instagram campaigns to equal media representation groups on Tumblr.

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18 thoughts on ““Speak Up””

  1. I honestly never thought that personafication of social media would be so horrifying. Nevertheless, the team has pit forward their perception in a vivid manner hence making it so easy for us less imaginative viewers to comprehend the what they artists are try to say.

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  2. I must recall what Martin Luther King quoted, “if we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective”. this for sure is only possible through freedom of speech and in today’s era, freedom of speech on social media is what envelops this thought….. very well written and sorted thoughts….keep it up.

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  3. And yes i agree with you. Its a shame however that even if we do try to express our freedom of speech, it doesn’t work as the people in charge hold you accountable for something. Great work keep it up. 😍😘

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  4. Freedom of speech is very important element that makes this country great. I obviously. With ebery freedom people are granted, bad things are going to happen because of it. It should be spread out…

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  5. Noam chomsky said and i quoted ” if you believe in dreedom of speech, you believe in freefom of speecj for views you do not like. Great work. Well done

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  6. I believe it is the right of everyone to espress their feelings regarding a certain issue and social media has provided a platform to portray your emotions and thoughts.

    However, I still feel that face to face communication outweighs others and delivers your message more efficiently. ✌🏻️

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  7. This is fascinating stuff indeed. Social media can be used to express our feelings… Feelings and thoughts which might be difficult to discuss in face to face communication.

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