Social Media; The Unstoppable Force of Today’s World.

In today’s world the social media is not just a mode of entertainment but serves a greater purpose to reinforce the voice of the common man. With a single social media application, one can not only voice their opinions but change the view of the entire world. Social media helps us connect, form trustworthy relationships, promote cultures and restructure or help rewrite the world views. In my opinion, it is something as small as a little button in your phone, that can make an impact with a rippling effect that can echo all over the world.

The fact that one is able to cause this change without any restrictions, is because of the freedom of speech that we are allowed on social media. For example, what the media does nowadays to get publicity and TRP’s, it is not their purpose to deliver the correct news or diversity in entertainment, but to feed the audience thoughts and information that can shape our sentiments in a certain planned manner.

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On social media, the general public is an unstoppable force. Although the authorities still might be able to close down forums and block users, they cannot silence every raised voice and every logical question. Freedom of speech allows the general public to take control of our beliefs and allows us to maintain our individuality as a diverse, sensible, intelligent body of people.


8 thoughts on “Social Media; The Unstoppable Force of Today’s World.”

  1. I agree, but to some extent the right of speech is usually exploited or abused, because people tend to ramble on with hatred, judgement, or racism, other then that it is our voice and we should use it for the right reasons, marvelously written

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  2. Well said Ifsha, in this new World of technology social media is playing a vital role.
    It can destroy or make strong any idea. We can see the example of incident of United Airlines inwhich social media created a hype and in the end United Airlines faced a loss of $2Billion.

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  3. I agree with your point. I believe that freedom of speech is the right given by GOD to everyone of us. But dear in Pakistan there is no space for freedom. Recently Mashal Khan used this right and we all witnessed his end. But in general I support the right offreedom of speech

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  4. Now a days social media is causing more damage thn any good. I’m not against freedom of speech but whatever is happening now a days in the name of freedom of speech is often hate speech.

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  5. Social Media like you said has become a voice of the common man and they have no other choice, but to rely on this effort entirely, because otherwise they are never heard. I agree with your points entirely, thank you for sharing this post with us.

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