Social media is a fantastic way for people to express themselves openly. It helps people in portraying their interests, opinions and point of views and helps them show other people who they actually are and what their stance is. They offer a platform for people to be themselves, to be creative, and to be who they want to be.

With the presence of millions of users now on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube, not every single status, photo, video or a comment can be watched, evaluated and completely controlled. This has debatably lead to a rise in expressions, feelings and ideas from people who may otherwise find it hard to portray themselves how they would like in person and face-to-face with others.


The Internet has now given each and everyone the power and opportunity to reach thousands, in fact millions and zillions of people in a very short span of time. Social media can help people to invoke confidence in themselves and to invoke confidence in those who really need it. For people who find it difficult to interact with others in person, the Internet today along with the help of social media now gives them the opportunity and a great way of communicating and not having to feel so conscious or nervous to express their opinions freely and openly in public. Every single individual has a right to say what they think, and express openly what they feel, so this is a great way for those who are less confident, shy and nervous to make their point clear to a large number of people. When someone feels happy, content and a ease, they can express themselves and their thoughts more persuasively and can possibly gain themselves a warm approval or admiration and even an expression of respect and gratitude from a wide audience which they may otherwise have found difficult to accomplish. Why speak in frontย of hundreds of people if you find it that hard and uncomfortable, when you can sit at your home behind a screen and express your opinions with the power of words and still get the attention of a wide audience?

Written comments encourages healthy debates as now people have time to compose them. Whereas people criticizing otherโ€™s point of views in person can be difficult, offensive and can also cause them to panic and can often be defensive and even argumentative. Everyone deserves the right to share their thoughts, opinions and feelings freely and to have confidence in themselves and their beliefs, and networking can actually help inspire, create awareness and educate people in this.



  1. Although I agree with a lot of things you said, you need to understand that this platform provide anonymity to users and many of us provoke others through any controversial means necessary while hiding behind this “screen” you talked about.


  2. Also yes freedom of speech is important but that does not mean we go around saying stuff just for the sake of having freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means the right to think individually without having anyone influencing your thoughts and vocalising it. Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to attack another person’s beliefs, religion, traditions or any choices he/she made. It does not give you a right to judge. It does not give you a right to bully.


  3. Freedom of speech is right granted to every human , I’m glad you chose this topic as it is a relateable issue these days , again good effort โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š


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