Human beings are often referred to as social creatures which means that they require the need and want to communicate with one another.

Social media over the recent years has proved to be a platform for every individual, regardless of the country, race or class; individuals have used it to freely express themselves by airing their views and opinions to the wider world and to learn about alternate viewpoints. This also helps people to be tolerant towards each others perspectives. It helps people portray their interests, their perspectives and invoke self confidence to those who need to be themselves and show the world who they are. Unlike the outside world, social media doesn’t limit people on basis of their social etiquette and code of behaviour.

It has helped those who are too shy to interact with people and express themselves widely, to raise their opinions without having to feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Social media has empowered people with the authority that only professional journalists had reserved with them to reach thousands and millions of people at once.

The concept of social media is quite simple yet novel for our ancestors. This is also the reason why people nowadays are using this novelty of the modern era to its fullest.

In addition to this, social media has also facilitated professional networking. Job hunt across country and professions is much easier now as oppose to the traditional means of job seeking. Not only is it easier for employees to seek jobs but also for employers.

Furthermore, it also serves as a commercial platform for businesses to advertise their products and the general public to search away for what they require and get what they like without having to go through the hassle in the process of going out and looking for products they want and then purchasing them. Business have also used social media as an active medium to advertise their businesses and connect with their customers. Hence, social media has facilitated better customer services over time as well.

The most important aspect that social media has contributed to, in my opinion, is the basic value of tolerance amongst one another. In a situation in the real world, if two people have different outlooks on one scenario, they tend to end up into an argument. However, in a similar situation on social media, opposing opinions are less likely to turn into such intolerance. These exchanges across cultures, communities and countries has also facilitated development across the world. An increase in awareness and learning has facilitated developing countries to catch up with modern technologies and concepts across the developed world.


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