Like, comment, Share . . .


Social media and is an incredible way to get people to express themselves about their ideas and opinions. Social media sites help you to expose your views on different issues, it can be social and it can also be political as well. They provide a platform to show your opinion and your views.

Social media help those people who find difficult to articulate their views and opinions and who fell little uncomfortable to stood up and enlighten their opinion in the gathering of hundreds of people. Social media sites like Face book and other provide them with opportunities to explain their views to their audience.

Social media is also known as Public Media, everyone as a right to say and to explain what they feel. Through social media, they feel comfortable, happy and secure to explain their opinions rather than standing on the stage and explaining in front of hundreds of people. By social media you can sit at home behind a screen and write about your topics and still get the audience.

People can use social media for writing blogs and articles about current problems that cannot be asked and told openly. People can discuss and provide various arguments and suggestions to the problems. They can have debate over the issues. They could express their views that could be beneficial for others.

Social media can help to raise confidence to the people from different culture and locality. One more advantage to this is that by explaining your views through social media you may not have to view others who criticize you in face to face, criticism are important too so people can comment their opinion and if they agree they can like it and even can share to others as well. This helps to carry a healthy argument.


Everyone deserves to have confidence in themselves and their beliefs, and networking can help inspire and educate people.


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