Let them say what matters

##Social media acts as a platform where people can express their thoughts and use this platform as a mean to voice their opinions. Whether it is via a Facebook status, Twitter updates, Snapchat stories or the photos you share, these are some ways in which a person can freely express themselves. Interest and views are put forward that reaches a mass audience and shows people who you are and what you believe in.


Having the right and freedom to express your thoughts on social media is not something that one should criticize. Social media platforms gives us the opportunity of communicating and not having to feel self conscious. Everyone has a the right to say what they think and feel and so this is a medium for those who can express themselves better with words. Freedom of speech is not about going around and spreading negativity over Facebook, Twitter etc. In fact when opinions are voiced in the right manner they create a good positive impact that reaches a broad audience. So looking over the bright side of freedom of speech over social media, it is safe to say that one should support this. When people talk about current trends, when they express their thoughts over certain religious, cultural topics then a broader view is generated. This then helps the worldwide audience to look over at things with multiple perspectives and then making it easier for them to distinguish between right and wrong.


Different hashtags and tag lines are created over social media. People come up with different trends and slogans that are followed by millions of internet and social media users. This creates awareness and help us to grow as society. If we learn to respect the ideas and views of other people then we will be able to clearly see the positive side of social media and the freedom of speech and expression that it has given to the general public.


1 thought on “Let them say what matters”

  1. Very well written. Especially that line, when opinions are voiced in the right manner they create a good positive impact that reaches a broad audience.


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