Learn to live so free


Web-based social networking is an incredible approach to inspire individuals to convey their views. They help depict your interests, your perspectives and help cement your identity. They offer a stage for you to act naturally, to be inventive, to be who you need to be. Regardless of whether it be through a Facebook status, Twitter, photographs you share on Instagram, these are all part of you and your identity.

In the real world, social conduct can appear to be prohibitive and restricting. In comparison to that individuals feel a feeling of flexibility of expression whilst socializing on the web. Obviously, every users activity is observed and can be controlled, but due to the presence of millions of users of the internet, it is near impossible for the authorities to view every comment, every status, every photograph or every article. Moreover, the increase in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. has given users from all over the globe opportunities to socialize with the online community. This is the reason for the sharp rise seen in expression of sentiments and thoughts from individuals who might act or depict themselves in a different manner as to how they might behave in real life whilst socializing with peers on a more personal level.

For individuals who think that its hard to interact with others face to face, the Internet gives them an incredible platform to express whilst not feeling unsure. Everybody has been provided with the privilege to state what they think and feel thus, this is a smoother path for those less sure to make their stand. It gives a level playing field to everyone on the web. Users can communicate all the more persuasively and confidently and potentially even impress the crowd and develop a following of their views, while sitting behind a screen, which might have been a far-fetched thought for them previously.

girl with raised hands and broken chains

In terms of business, you can get your information and perspectives out there. The popularity of a re-tweet or Like pulls the consumers. This way more people with better chances of engaging with the customer base.

Online networking is a blessing. It has changed the game with regards to communication between individuals and society as a whole. Moreover, this freedom of expression has resulted in a lot of positives and this platform must not be abused rather it should be used to bring people close.


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