It’s your right!

Social media now a days is a Great way to get people to express themselves. It is a platform to express how you feel about certain things which may be categorized as  is real life, it gives you a chance to be yourself. However, some may argue that it is not safe to talk about how you feel on social media. I am only going to talk about the better/good side of freedom of speech on social media.


Let’s start off by talking about people who find it difficult to interact with people in real life. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter may help them find new people and find things in common with them. They can express themselves more and possibly gain themselves a wide audience which they may otherwise have found difficult to achieve. People like these may feel pressurized in real life expressing how they feel. Moreover, it makes it easy to determine the amount of people who support your argument and want to add to it through commenting, liking and sharing. Rather than having everyone in your face all the time after being you true self, you can simply delete or ignore comments that you don’t like. You can avoid intimate criticism since you don’t have to see these critics in real life.


Let us talk about educators now. Social media helps to connect with other educators and start a healthy debate. They may talk about research articles and get a better understanding of the view from the other side.

Some people might argue that Websites like Facebook are what created critics. That is not entirely true. These narrow minded people existed before as well but the difference now is that they found a platform to spread their negativity and in most recent cases these people are even succeeding in threatening people to not share their true emotions about certain matters. Social media and freedom of speech go along but the level of negativity is on a higher level on social media today!



6 thoughts on “It’s your right!”

  1. Good read!
    Points like freedom of speech should be highlighted and be talked about wisely rather than an argument over nothing.
    Appreciate it!!

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