Social Freedom

  1. Freedom_-NO_2_SOPAsocial media has the great power nowadays , its not just connecting with people all around world its like knowing people all around world. It plays a best substitute to many things around us , someone who cant afford a TV can simply see all the news and TV programs regarding the thinks the person is interested in. because now a days all people are busy in their works , students in their studies , we have no time to pick up a newspaper and read it. It has also reduce the cost for people all around the world, no need to buy newspaper and magazines , Skype and messenger and other applications allows you to talk to the people and your loved ones through internet connections which is the cheapest way to communicate around the globe. Social media gives you a right to give your opinion regarding anything you like or not, they give you the freedom to say, which you cant say on TV without paying them or taken permission from them,downloadits easy for us to follow the daily news with special applications from the TV channels like Geo, Art and many others., snap chat is sharing your stories and its also informative tells you whats happening around the world , Its not important to be only famous on TV now a days you can be famous on social media like Facebook. As like some of thees personalities are a so called personalities just because of the Facebook, social media they get the freedom to do what they think they can do the best and make people liking them, Its the best way to show your talent and make world appreciate you. Cnf4pPHWgAEc-SJ
  2. People will give you likes and comments that will be the best way of feedback as its  quick and easy to understand no complications, its easy way to get to know what changes people want and its easy to manage according to that, make management easy for organisations working through and adverting through social media. Even now a days TV channels are using social media stars for their TV programmers as they have the huge fan following around the world. social media makes you earn money through writing blogs and other activities which include you selling your products through Facebook and other applications. it also plays the role of electronic business.

127_10caada9f63f0e48c4c6afb619d666casocial media makes you raise voice against crime, Its the best way to even came up with protest for your right or someones right( fight for the right)  people use social media as their medium to speak against the government and its the best way to give your opinion. #khamooshi ka boycott   



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