Social Media is one of the most favorable and widely used platform for people to express their thoughts and stay in touch with one another, it provides people a medium to share whatever it is that they want to say to their friends, communities or the world in a very easy way. Living in the digital age has its advantages where most people have access to smart phones, computers and other devices to use social media whether it is via a Facebook status, writing on walls, Twitter updates, photos you share, all of these are extensions of you and your personality. They help portray your interests, your views and help show people who you are. Social media websites offer a platform for you to be yourself, to be creative, to be who you want to be and most importantly, have an audience for all of this who can interact with you and share their thoughts as well. Due to these social websites people feel they have more freedom of expression while using these sites. However, it is essential for websites to monitor all the content that is being shared to avoid them to be misused. Social media allows certain people to have more confidence while sharing their thoughts as they do not have to face direct criticism as they would in real life.

Apart from benefits of freedom of speech of social media on a personal level, it can help businesses and other startup companies too by giving them a boost and creating awareness of their existence. A large amount of companies have taken up social media to market their brand and let people know of their functionality, new products, campaigns, deals and so on. This indirectly benefits users as it makes them more aware of the things around them and enables them to be up to date. Social media has also given rise in creating awareness amongst the masses of different social issues, day to day problems. It provides its audience with everyday news and updates people of the on goings of the world as well has highlights peculiar happenings. One such example is the recent killing of a university student in Mardan, Pakistan. Social media websites provided a platform for people to bring up the issue and highlight it to the masses in reference to the future to create awareness of such incidents. It also allowed people to have open discussions on the incident and share their views of what they thought of the incident and enabled the masses to hold peaceful protests managed through various social media websites.
Knowing all the facts and usage of social media which can enhance our mental capabilities to broaden up the horizon and to interact and communicate with the world have its pros and cons, which have to be taken into consideration before giving any vague statement. It is said that Hate Speech is not Free Speech as every time hate speech is permitted it costs someone part of his or her self, part of their self-respect, or part of their sanity. It rips people to shreds and destroys society; that concludes Hate speech is anything but Free.

Essentially, social media has changed the way we are able to communicate and behave, not only in groups and society, but with each other.

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