Freedom of speech on social media

Social media is a huge platform. It brings together people from all races, genders, ethnicity and countries. It lets you be anonymous and still open up about yourself. People can discuss whatever they want on social media in various forms; through pictures, blogs, posts, memes etc. Having absolutely no cost for signing up, it lets everybody sign up for free and become a member. There are more common people and they get to bond with others on the basis of their mutual thoughts and habits. Their opinion gets wider appreciation. They make groups and pages which people join and discuss stuff which they agree and disagree to. This lets them speak and connect with people on a larger scale and they don’t necessarily find people with alike minds.
Also, written word has more impact that spoken one because in latter, the words once spoken cannot be taken back whereas you can polish your message while in writing. One can easily edit their posts and messages and play around with words which they think are appropriate and omit those which might offend somebody. This also provides freedom to the writer in ways that they have an audience readily available and with sharing their work, it reaches in almost every corner of the globe.

Another plus point is that social media lets you discuss taboos freely. There are issues which one cannot raise physically in a society or speak up in front of people. But while writing them, not only does it have a better impact and lets the reader actually think about it but it also is taken notice of and reaches the audience.

UNESCO wrote an article on the importance of social media freedom and even ensured that people will be allowed to express themselves freely. This shows how important this topic is in today’s age of technology.


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