Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice

Far from the powerful tool of print media and television, your average Good Samaritan is limited to the confines of platforms that are a few clicks away. It enables those with the ability to speak but without the power to speak to bring to the public view problems that fester between the lines of the societal

It allows the ailments of arranged marriage, the plague of bodyshaming, and blasphemy condemnations come to light without the bounds of the law. It is where society can point out to the doctor that this is where it hurts. Unless there is a gag placed upon its mouth, as it often is.

The gag comes in different shades and sizes, but the job description for those who place the gag is the same. It is to belittle, to trivialize, often point fingers in different directions, and carefully mount a high horse of morality.                                          loud-voice-the-out-loud-voice-litmus-RVRvSl-clipart

Those who become the self-proclaimed vigilantes of the world wide web curtail the already negligible space given to those who wish to express themselves. The page given to those who want to shed light on the oppressed is not only scrawled over by these vigilantes but they also scribble in the margins. Sometimes the cyber bullying escalates to being beaten down after being shot within your own university, as recent events have shown us.

Cyber bullying is the toxic policing of free word and free speech that sets the path for the same behavior to be replicated in the real world. It is a toxin that needs to be removed from the system of society. The ideology of one universal truth leaves no room for opinions or personal choice.speeeeeech

Albeit humanity is united in its illnesses, it is divided in its response. It is imperative that all forms of these responses find a soapbox to deliver the truth and form a ‘safe heaven for freedom’ where the sun never sets.


3 thoughts on “Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice”

  1. It made me to rethink that we have to reshape our society in order to respect others opinion and support freedom of speech to create awareness among others.

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