Awaaz, Freedom of speech on social media

Freedom of Speech!!! Its your Right.

We as human beings have always had the need as intelligent creatures to express ourselves whether it being poetry, art or song. The freedom to express oneself via speech in Pakistan has been in our constitution since our nation’s inception and to not have it would’ve been tragic as if you take just the example of our country many great poets would’ve been hushed or a toleration government would’ve been in place where we could not have had any thoughts of our own.

79ee327722fda962bdce34f477262c19   In my opinion speech in its self is God’s given gift to man and man should not be deprived of it but most people believe freedom of speech is the right to say anything though this is correct it doesn’t mean you are free from its consequences. Freedom of speech is the right to give one’s opinion without the fear of government retaliation or censorship or a sanction. Now imagine a world in which we cannot express ourselves a desolate world where everyone has the same opinion which would be the views of the government if you didn’t agree then the state would try to “reeducate” you or handle you the way they deem fit. A world devoid of culture or music a twisted dystopia where the world is full of mindless drones and those who dare to speak differently would viewed as the rogues of society an example of this would be the former USSR under Stalin or in our own day and age North Korea.


I for one am thankful for the progression of human rights and the freedom of speech in our day and age for if it not for them we’d be living in a dark and twisted world where independence and individuality is not only shunned but oppressed a place where an act as simple as giving your opinion on any matter might very likely get you killed or tortured.


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