Freedom Of Speech Is Everyone’s Right


Social media is free for everyone and is a good aspect for people who want to express themselves. Now days there are many mediums of expressing yourself and your opinion to the mass public or may it be for the people you know like facebook, twitter etc where it’s not limited to words but pictures and videos are posted by everyone which become topics for debate.


This freedom allows people who are shy to express their opinion or are surrounded by people with whom they cannot express themselves to have a means to express them self and helps them interact with others. Everyone have their own opinion and is not necessary to meet others.

This help people become aware of what is happening around them and what people think about it. It can instill confidence within people to give their opinion rather than keeping it to them self as you do not have to face personal and intimate criticism or nerves because you do not have to see the person who is critical of you or your opinion as when the person is in front of you people tent to become defensive and usually panic.


As whatever happens around the world people give their opinion like in twitter people start an online debate where everyone gives their opinion and discuss what is happening, how it happened and how should the situation been handled.

Personally I believe that everyone should have confidence in themselves and their opinion as everyone is different and thinks differently. So having freedom of speech even through social media is important as it allows friendly debate and allows a chance for learning for those who do not have the knowledge regarding it and helps them know what others think about it.


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