Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech means to articulate your opinions and ideas within the limitations of law. It is also known as freedom of expression. Everyone in this world is born free and has the right to express his feelings on any platform within the boundaries set by the law.


Social media is the fastest way of communication. Facebook, twitter, Myspace, tumbler etc. are used by millions of people as a social tool for expressing their point of views. In recent times Facebook has emerged as most used platform all around the world. People find it easy to share their views behind a screen rather than communicating in front of large audiences. People vent their anger or rankle without performing violent actions on social media.
Social media mostly helps introvert people who find it difficult to socialize with other people. Internet gives them a great way to communicate and socialize without feeling nervous and their confidence rises by sharing their views.
In a country like Pakistan, people use social media to criticize, humiliate, offend, insult and hurt others in the name of freedom of speech. People make vague excuses by saying that they can humiliate anyone and can even use unethical language because it is their right and no one can stop them. Some Political and religious parties play a role for creating hype amongst the people in order to use this agenda for their own benefit.
Some recent examples of such cases include “Qandeel Baloch”. She was sentenced to death by portraying her murder as owner killing. Lots of other people lost their lives because social media audience never accepted the roles they played in the name of freedom.
All these people had freedom of expression. They had the liberty to speak, then why people took the law in their hands and tortured them miserably. Why general public decided their fate? It was the responsibility of the Government and not the general public to take action against them if they were doing something intolerable. Who has given the right to general public for taking law in hands?
As there are always two sides of a coin, similarly the bright side of social media is to enhance education and knowledge. Whenever print and broadcast media tries to provide inaccurate information regarding politics or any other issues, such information becomes viral on social media and people start debating on the issue. The debate results in finding of lots of hidden information that was not shown by the media.
Social media has also played a vital role in creating awareness among the people. They can now easily access to political issues, Religious knowledge, social issues. Majority of people take part in highlighting the hidden agenda behind the problem. This has given more power to common man. Communicating with a diverse group of people nationally and internationally has helped people to eliminate cultural gaps while at the same time strengthening the bonds between multicultural groups.

The Secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is

10 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech”

  1. I think social media it self is not bad at all but the people are not using it correctly. By the way well written and I agree with you.

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  2. Well said .. social media has played a big role for promoting freedom of speech . May all people understand what freedom of expression actually means and it should not be linked with negative connotations.

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  3. Agreed with your thoughts Ahtisham, social media is playing a vital role to promote freedom of speech but we should also keep it in real life and take it as a serious issue.

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  4. Well i agree with you boy.. Social media is mainly the need of the hour. Anyone has his right to speak freely but to a certain level in my opinion so it shouldn’t lead to the death of innocent people. As you qouted above.. Awerness is mandatory so that one should know their rights first and then speak or act accordingly within constitution. Secondly Yes indeed social media is showing negative aspects and hiding the positive ones just to get their TRPs better. That is something which should not be accepted at any cost. But who exactly is responsible for that? Why are the newspaper and TV broadcasters filled with corruption and incompetence? It maybe because we are the ones who are more likely to be drawn towards depressing issues and bad news. Some says they would prefer good news but did they really mean it?

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  5. What i think is freedom of speech is an intrinsic phenomenon and it doesnot require any platform for promotion . People with courage and confidence will always speak for the truth no matter how worst would be the situation .

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  6. In this cruel world there are lots of people who are always trying to mute you . No matter what happens , never hesitate to speak as it is your right.

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