Freedom lies where thoughts begin

Social Media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community based input, interaction content, sharing and collaboration. We can talk to different people from all over the world, we get a wider exposure, we get an opportunity to think out of the box and look at the world from a broader perspective. Cast system and racism is wavered off and everyone gets a chance to speak freely letting their thoughts out, so they have a part to play in changing the world, making it a better place, where each individual can be heard and given attention.




How we use social media is the key secret! Social media is a blank canvas and it is us who’s painting, if you don’t like what’s on social media. I challenge you to change what you put on social media because it is you’re the one who’s filling in the content; as negativity comes within one. It’s not fair to get away by blaming the spread of the negativity on the social media.


Social media has the power to change the world by its various channels and offerings. It has helped in building a digital global village where people can search for online communities and interact with others who share the same interests and concerns. It enables democracy and mobilizing activism which is activated by the freedom of speech. Pakistanis who are living far away from their homeland can still contribute in guiding the people to the right track by raising their voices against the corrupt politicians and supporting their true leaders. They start an active campaign on social media spreading out their message; THIS in result becomes the word of mouth which further transforms into world of mouth. It has also influenced the media via citizen journalism.


Socially, social media has favored people in a way that those who’re not comfortable talking about certain important things, now have a way out to this difficulty for e.g. In Jamaica health workers distribute information about HIV through social media, citizens in Mexico are using social media to report information about drug wars and cartels, India has a website “I paid a bribe” for reporting acts of corruption


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