Free Speech

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of every citizen as it is the condition to  the fulfillment of democratic ideologies within a country. It is the ability to express our opinion and speak freely which is essential to bring about change in society in any manner. the more opinions are exchanged, the more awareness is created which leads towards the openness of mind-sets of the people.
Free speech is not only about your ability to speak but the ability to listen to others, and allow other views to be heard.
Jolly ( media activist) added: “We need to hear other people’s views as well as offering them your opinion.
We are going through a time where people don’t want to be on a panel with people they disagree with. But we should feel comfortable being in a room with people who disagree with us as otherwise nothing will change.”
furthermore, freedom of speech  on social media plays a vital role in our society because it is the only plat-form which exchanges view on the large-scale and it should be supported too.
The main change is led by media in a society where people needs to know what is the real facet revolving around them.

#free speech
#greater ideas

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