Expression Restricted

freedom_of_speech_does_not_mean_freedom_from_conse_poster-r2b8c68d309e04ee8a63df389bbfd8964_wvw_8byvr_324.jpgFreedom of speech is one’s right to express his thoughts without any constraint. People demand freedom of speech so that they can be heard. All they want is their opinions to be acknowledged and get something out of it. People want freedom but when blasphemy is committed by an individual, everybody wants to have his head. Where is freedom in that? isn’t that a restraint?


People want freedom of speech yet they are ready to kill a person who has committed blasphemy. Blasphemy is a sin there is no doubt in that but freedom of speech can cause a lot of problems. People given the right to free speech will result in the unjust use of that right. I’m not very religious but I do respect my religion. I favor freedom of speech but this is one of the major problems that occurs when there is freedom of speech. if people want freedom of speech than they first must accept the fact that anyone can express his thoughts openly and will not be punished for it. But it can never happen because if somebody abuses our Prophet (PBUH), he will die before he could justify himself and we can find a lot of cases like that in Pakistan.


Even if somehow these unjust killing of people stop, there is no way people can get freedom of speech because everything is politically controlled. No politician would like anyone to say anything against him or the work he is doing. Everyone is involved in bad deeds. Everybody hides behind a mask specially the most powerful ones. And where there is so much political control, there is a very little chance that people will ever be heard.

Limitations are always there. No one can say that they are free to talk about whatever they want even on social media. A cyber crime law is also passed to restrict people to freely say what they want. However, people must be allowed to talk about their political views or any controversial case.



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