And They Hush You Down

The cyber world is much like our own. There are criminal and there are vigilantes. The criminals are those who dare – they dare to speak, to ruminate, to rectify. And there are the vigilantes, those who take upon their shoulders the burden of the singular morality. The kind of morality that leaves no room for the beautiful diversity of human emotion and opinion. Those are the vigilantes who paint the world in black and white.


The masses take to the World Wide Web for its easy accessibility and anonymity however there is the problem of its pressing lack of amicability. There are points of contention raised from afar by either the oppressors or their unwitting accomplices that make it their mission to gaslight and trivialize the experiences other than their own.

There is one online truth, and there is no room for anyone else’s. What should be a safe haven of opinions and a point where plethora of different perspectives and cultures rendezvous and share their pasts, presents, and futures, is a dangerous battlefield. It is where the pen is the sword but the swords are put to throats of fellow writers, fellow thinkers.

So while we have the power of reaching the entire online world, we leave
no room for each other. What must Barredwe weigh? A kilobyte? But we feel the need to terminate each other’s voices. We must persevere, we must eradicate
the barriers of censorship of people’s perspective and the violent cyber bullying that beats into the ground any shade of color in the black and white world of bigots.

There is a need promote a culture of liberty and tolerance so that it can be communicated to those on in the offline world. So that our voices can be heard and heeded.



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