Right to speak RIGHT

pic1Not speaking at all is better than speaking wrongly. As everyone has different point of view, similarly everyone has different understanding capability. Freedom of speech is every human being’s basic right but contradicting to them is also their right.  Recently we have seen the result of a misjudgement and how it effects the society.

I was a shy individual keeping my views very private. non of my family members and very few of my friends knew my opinion on very particular subjects as I did not liked to open up. But as I grew I understood how important it is to express your views as people stomp up on you thinking you are a fragile creature with no tongue. I always thought keeping quiet was a part of respect, but no in this society keeping quiet means you are providing the other person with the right to impose their will on you, humiliate you, and even take advantage of you.

Personally being a victim of this “superiority” I have understood people always blame the quiet one to be wrong but this does not mean you have to speak without a filter on your mouth as it is also as bad as speaking wrong. When being confronted with such situation or expressing your views openly also attract haters and rumors spread like fire.  Your security is first priority. The way you voice your opinion, conveying the message, and without offending everyone is a technique. Be vigilant in whom you confide in and express your opinion to. Not every friend is a well wisher.


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