Self Expression

You stand alone.

Considering myself as an introvert I think that society has romanticized the concept of being with someone to a stifling degree. It is always made to be shown like you constantly need someone with you. Be it a lover, a friend, a parent, a sibling, an acquaintance – you just have to have someone with you constantly. In addition, the society thinks that you need to be fun, interesting, and humorous. When did human interaction cease being natural and start resembling a job profile that you have to follow? Why do you have to know every current culture reference to “fit” into a specific place? Why do you have to always have a topic in mind to be with someone? Why? Society forgets, that being alone and having a sense of individuality isn’t the same thing as being lonely.

When did benefits of human interaction turn into criteria for choosing humans for interaction?


Stop trying to fit in. Stop yourself from having to sigh as you type “yes” to a group outing while you’d really like to just stay in your bed with a bag of chips and tie your hair up in a messy bun and watching a movie. Stop and be yourself. Believe in yourself.


Be alone. Be with your own thoughts – an entire galaxy of numbing thoughts and ideas just waiting to be heard by you.

Look at the momentous times you have had – the time when you were with your friends and all of you were almost broke but chose to go for that movie anyway, because it would be the last day of college together, before you saw each other after a period of over three months. The time you felt so isolated and excluded from everyone around that you didn’t mind stepping back from your loved ones. The time you pretended like you didn’t hear them make plans without you, despite you being a mere couple of steps away from them as you pretended to be busy on your phone just to avoid an awkward situation with them.


Realize what powers lie within you – be it the ability to dip a brush in some colors and bring a blank white canvas to life with shades and shapes being created by your hands. Or your ability to recognize the beats of a song.The ability to be you. A privilege, an honor to have. One reserved particularly for you.

Seize that opportunity and live up to it. Don’t lose sight of the person your younger self would’ve been proud to match. Chase every goal you set for yourself. Stumble, fall, trip as you fail to do so. Dust yourself. Stand straight. Get up and run at it again. Be yourself- because you stand alone. Because I believe in individuality, in being alone yet strong from the inside.


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