Self Expression

Who knows who I am?

Bulleya who knows who I am?

Not a believer inside the mosque

Nor a pagan disciple of false rites

Not the pure amongst the impure

Neither Moses, nor the Pharoh

I am a person in physical existence. I have a body that has a soul. I feel joy, pain, happiness, regrets and all those things that are felt by the normal human beings. I am the masterpiece of Allah who created me with his own hands. I am his best creation that has been given the status of Ashraf-ul-Makhluqaat. My name is Ahtisham Ali.

Life is full of meaningful relationships and memories. I am an individual who make mistakes, laughs, cries and love. I am the one whose life is full of ups and downs that makes me further stronger. I feel love, negligence, emotions and sorrows. Life has been a blessing for me and on the other hand it has taught me some harsh realities that I had never imagined.

I belong to Hasilpur Punjab Pakistan. My initial education is from my native city and then I moved to Lahore where I continued my further education. Since my early life I am very interested in social activities, debates, travelling and photography. I was selected as prefect of my school. I am also vice chairman of Al-JANNAT welfare trust founded by my father. This trust fulfills basic necessities of poor and needy people of our society. We provide them with rashan packages that include wheat, sugar, tea packages and other commodities of life.


I am in love with travelling and have explored the most beautiful places of my beloved country. To capture majestic views of nature with the lens of camera is my hobby. I have also launched my own official Facebook page “BIG BRO’S” to entertain people because causing happiness and smiles on others faces make me happy.


I joined Lahore School of Economics in order to pursue a degree in Marketing and media. I am also elected as general sectrary of Lahore school news and broadcasting society.  I represented LSE in LUMS CARMA event and won majority of the competitions. This was the best experience of my life. I want to do a lot more in my life and specially for my nation. May Allah be with me to make me a helping hand for others. Aameen



11 thoughts on “Who knows who I am?”

  1. To Create your personal history & share it with your loved ones is a thought provoking skill. Once you have completed your autobiography, it will be available for others to read on this site if you wish.

    The Remembering Site makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to write and publish their life story and add to it as life unfolds. Not everyone is able to leave money, jewelry or land as an inheritance for their love ones,

    Everyone, though, can leave the most precious memories-family treasures made of words.

    Apart from that, overall its good attamp to erxpress your self in words. Waiting for your more articles in future,

    Freeha Ahsan

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  2. Describing ones own self is really a tought task .
    The best part of your life is your helping nature . Keep helping others and become a shadow for those who are really needy .

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  3. Wonderful description of yourself, May Allah fullfill your dreams.
    One more thing- you should expand your walfare trust foundation to other cities also

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  4. 👍 ..
    Never hesitate from small obstacles as ” obstacles are things when man keeps his eyes off his goals” ..
    Keep working and become a fruitful citizen . Wish you luck

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