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Today I choose life…


Born and raised in a small city of Pakistan, the opportunities and chances I was offered were minuscule to begin with. For generations, the perception held by our society regarding the life of a girl remains unchanged. As soon as she is done with her basic education, she is obliged to get married. Within such norms, the pursuit of higher education always remains farfetched. Yet, the unfairness of it never settled within me. I was expected to massacre my dreams without ever getting the opportunity to even begin pursuing them. Instead of being a source of pride, my gender became my limitation. The society kept taunting me with the statement “because you are just a girl” discouraging and breaking down my options. At least it tried its best to do so. But I was determined to break free of the shackles. No matter how small my city was, the dreams that I had were big. At 18, leaving my hometown for higher education sounded like an impossible situation. “Spending too much on a girl”, “living alone in a hostel” and “what will people say” were counter arguments to my university acceptance.


Regardless of the negativity, my parents and I kept our faith. Somehow, it motivated me to work harder in the university so that my parents won’t regret their decision. Coming to Lahore School of Economics was the first step of liberation for me. I intend to sustain and enhance this freedom by becoming an inspiration for all the girls to follow. Through cross cultural insight I hope to vanquish the cultural boundaries.



So here I am being exactly what I wanted to be. I am doing all those things which a girl can’t (according to our society). I am continuing my studies even after getting married, I help my father in his business, I drive and do things at my own. During this journey, I made enemies and friends like family. I have gladly chosen this life and learned about the world and the people.
I sum up myself in this quote:
“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain-To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to mistakes and choices- today I choose to feel life”


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