Self Expression

The Real me

i am a person who was brought up by such a surrounding or limitations which helped me to learn about the basic meaning or reality of life that how it treat you in good or bad way.  i had pocket money of rupees 300 in which i have to manage my phone bills and also my food of a week which was not possible but i had to do by using only 20-30 rupees a day.

968cfcb6-0470-4b5f-b1f3-19dc0b708fd8 From the childhood i had passion for cars and i started driving  when i was in grade three hence with a passage of time it grew amazingly that my day and night revolved around cars and their throttles. in 2014 i had an accident and with the grace of ALLAH i was safe as airbag helped me to have a swear after a year i got my personel car and i worked on its in terior and exterior and its engine bae and after it got completed it hardly paid off that it became popular in racing society of lahore  and i was recognized by her. Because i belong to stance nationa7a2e998-7e0a-4298-8e9a-4028b6156b77 i am a person who is madly in love with earning money as i have face that phase of life which made me learn that without money you are nothing and you don’t have any respect so i kept on customizing cars and also running an event management company with the name of mosh productions.17634532_1789636704395348_2114713874372878026_n

soon i’m going to build another project car and after completing it i will be selling it and going to tomorrowland which is my dream and i will chase it as i chased other dream of mine.






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