Self Expression

The 1% Club!

Business and Politics run in my blood side by side,it’s nothing but inheritance.I grew seeing my family practicing Business and participating in Politics and for sure it increased my interest in these.IMG_9489
From the school days my perception was that study is of no use if at the end of the day you’re sitting on a seat where you’re just doing simple mathematics.
Till my Alevels I was just going on with passing marks which were satisfactory but in Alevels one of my uncle made a taunt on me involved so much in Business activities at a young age and not paying attention to the studies.This was the point I changed my motive,instead of just passing I aimed to attain good grades and yes it is well said that “Dreams are for dreamers,Goals are for achievers“,I not just passed my Alevels but was among the High Achievers and this was the time to celebrate and make people shut their mouth.Now all of my focus was on my family business,staying on the same page was not of my kind.I entered the market of ‘Power Generation’ being solely under my command.Again it was not enough because we industrialists are hungry and look for some more so after joining university I could not give full time to my current businesses so I started working in the field of Real Estate as it asks for a lesser time.Till date I’m engaged in same business practices as other ventures require a full time which I’m not able to provide,but it is not the end rather it is actually to start once I graduate.All of what we are taught in the field of business is “If it doesn’t makes Dollars,it doesn’t makes sense”.IMG_3750



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