Self Expression

Should i live today or tomorrow..


Oh when i meet someone, when i get married, when i have children, when do i lose when do i gain, when do i get my job then when do i retire. All our life revolves around our desires. We want to get what we want to be happy.
Meanwhile time moves on regardless if these events even ever occur or not.

Regardless of how our time is spent, it is our time it is going to pass by anyhow. Doesn’t stop for your grieves, doesn’t allows you to keep that smile forever that you once had dancing there in the rain, doesn’t gives you time to re-do that you once did. Time brings , Time takes.
We do evolve everyday, wantedly or un-wantedly.
Passing our time thinking what is there for us in future or what could have been there in the past.
We keep waiting for that magic to happen, when we actually begin our life.


We all experience events in our life, like seeing our children growing in front of our eyes or seeing our parents turning old in front of our eyes, illnesses and seeing deaths of the ones we love the most.
I realized that time can never be appreciated, until it has passed eventually. We hope, We seek, We need and doing all this we fill our lives with as much as possible. But never settle for anything. The clock of our life continues to tick tock while we just keep on thinking.
So we should stop playing with our minds between options all the time.

Follow your heart, that is where dreams come true..
Oh when you set yourself free.


Muhammad Ahsan


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