Myself, Self Expression

A Self Made Man 

I have certain goals like every teenager about my future. And i am very passionate to achieve those goals. I make plans, i spend hours and hours thinking on how i will become the man that i have thought of. I have a role model whom i want to follow and be called what he is called today ‘a self made man’  i want this title to be given to me as well. It cannot be transferred nor given it can only be earned. And i have started working on it and following the same track which my role model has led. Most importantly i have been praying to Allah to help me achieve my goals

Personally, i like to travel a lot. I like to try new things, experience new adventures. I have always been very interested in cars since childhood cars have been my hobby and passion. The day i learned to drive it was impossible for anyone to drive while i was sitting in the car. Long drives are a part of my regular routine. It helps me to think about issues and problems of daily routine.


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