Self Expression

Reality of I, me, myself only


I really dont like taking about my self, my name is Sultan Fareed, 22 year old who lives in Lahore Pakistan. I come from a normal family and i am currently studying in Lahore School of Economics doing my bachelors in marketing and media. I chose this university because of its good reputation and repute in the job market as i am going to get a job for a couple of years before joining my fathers business.



My family background is from Sargodha where we own orange orchards, we have owned this land for generations and our family is respected in the area. My family has been in agriculture for generations and hopes to continue for the future generations.

As for me i used to dream to continue my fathers business in Lahore where we run a Petrol Pump and hope to expand the business by opening several other pumps in different locations so that i will be able to afford my dream to travel around the world, visit various areas and enjoy. My other interest are cars as i love cars and prefer to go on long drives when ever i feel down. So in order to fulfill my dream i am working hard at Lahore School of Economics.



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