Self Expression


I’m an average 21 year old who’s similar yet different to many other girls of my age. I like to bake, watch movies and travel. One aspect that I love while travelling is taking pictures and videos of whatever I see there so that I can cherish those precious moments captured in the future. Perhaps that is why my phone is filled with a zillion pictures of the places that I have traveled so far, so that I have a way of looking back at them and enjoy different aspects of that one special moment of my life again. It gives me a feeling of nostalgia and happiness especially the day when I visited with my family at Disney Land.

My sources of entertainment mainly includes eating out with my close friends and family, watching movies, my phone, laptop and occasionally the TV. My interests include surfing the internet in order to keep myself updated with the news on my favorite actors and TV shows, latest technology gadgets and about the recent trends in fashion as well. I’m obsessed with watching horror, action and psychological thriller movies, TV shows, listening to my typical forever favorite songs and sleeping. One of my other interests also include shopping. I’m a shopaholic person. Even if it is just window shopping, I find myself always ready for it. Shopping for myself and dolling up actually cheers me up and makes me really happy. Exploring various articles in order to find that perfect one which suits my body and face perfectly, is one of the main reasons I enjoy shopping so much. As a person I’m known to be very vocal, straight forward, hyper, outspoken, short tempered and social among my close friends and family members. However I’m a complete opposite at my collage which means that I’m a very quiet, and reserved person there due to some past experiences. I like being there for people and act like I’m their therapist. Ironically at the same time I’m not much into interacting with humans any more as mentioned above due to my past experiences. I prefer being alone and to be honest, I’m much more happy and comfortable when I’m not around humans which is why I’m a complete opposite at my collage. All in all, this is me currently. I’m definitely not the same person I was a year ago and most probably I will not be this same person the next year.



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