Self Expression

Embrace the Glorious Mess

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”

In this world, everyone of us has to suffer their own predicament, encounter diversity in several and often unimaginable forms, and fight our own battles. However, some of our experiences can leave grotesque and indelible impressions on our minds that they seem to evoke not just mere sympathy, but also a sense of vulnerability and heartbreak at the height of our misery.  unnamed (1)

Life has never been easy for anyone, it’s what we choose to be and indulge ourselves into that defines our life. I am confident about what i am today and optimistic about what i will be. I am a sympathetic and constructive person. I relish life and appreciate what i have today. Travelling and reading books are my favorite hobbies, these two keep the adventure alive in my life and help me to have a better perspective towards life. My first priority has always been my family and then friends. Family has been supportive in whatever i wanted to achieve in life and friends have been there for me in every hour of need. My boat flows because of their care and affection. So what i have learned from life until now, is to embrace the glorious mess of it all. Because life is not perfect, and that is precisely what makes it perfect. Perfection in imperfection.unnamed




11 thoughts on “Embrace the Glorious Mess”

  1. These were words exceptionally written, we all of a past, and we all will have a future, but it is better to always live in the now and keep everything according to what you want and truly desire. Marvelously written.

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  2. Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going

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  3. Well written biography and ever since we expect something from life it turns difficult but this is the reality which we have to face with our struggle to succeed

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  4. I really liked the idea of how the writer has expressed her views explicitly. She has show immensible courage to open upto the world and explain what life means ro her. LIfe puts us through a lot of suffering, making us vulnerable yet strong individuals . The writer however, I beleive has a postive approach towards life and IS more optimistic about what life has to throw at her way. Life is not perfect, we all suffer, get our hearts broken, our dreams shattered and yet at times when everything seems invincible the lessons WE have gained along the way are only there to redirect us to something better. We have those experience to become who we are today . There’s a beauty in being broken at times. The beauty lies in how you can see the world differently when you have to give to give. You realize how being vulnerable can be your greatest strength because you aren’t afraid of who you are. It builds empathy for other around us and a sense of concern of healing others for finding our own inner peace. However while family and friends as explained by the writer are kept as a pirority, I would slightly disagree and would like to add to that statement . I think on the top of everything is our values, open mindedness ,recognition of the word humanity and acceptance of reality. Only when you have trained your kind to accept realities then you can keep family and friends first. But it is also important to establish the need to keep them first. Do it for the happiness for your own internal peace and not for mere appreciation of what they did for you. You do it for love.

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