Self Expression

Calm Before the Storm

When you ask yourself, who am I? if you’re honest, you’ll notice that it takes you right back to silence instantly. The brain doesn’t have an answer, so all of a sudden there is silence. What I believe is that we all are shaped by our experiences in our lives. And the memories, good and bad have permanently altered our outlook towards our lives and future. We are nothing but a mind over matter that is a product of our experiences. Deep, right?


I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. I can be unpredictable and unconventional while still wanting to be traditional. I’m chaotic while still being reserved. I can be rebellious sometimes and I’m strongly driven to change the world, ha-ha.
I hail from a military family. Due to this I have had the opportunity of living in diverse environments, which induced a unique adaptability and curiosity in me. Back in high school I was never a bright student but did manage to work my stuff out. I was potentially never good at dramatics, I was sometimes given one-line role back at high school that I was happy to do so that I could bunk classes. Ha-ha, yeah but then as they say “In youth we learn, in age we understand”, I also try to put myself under the right path that will hopefully lead me to a better future.


My life so far has been an intriguing mix of academic excellence, social maturity and an insatiable intellectual curiosity. I gained in-depth knowledge about real life business operations through my work in different entertainment channels as well as hospitality management. You will have to ask for my resume to have more insight on my experiences. What matters the most is to reach a place in life when you’re not living for attention or applause but simply to be happy and at peace with your choices. When other people’s opinions don’t determine your moves and you’re no longer looking for love, friendship but attracting it. I’m the CEO of my life, some people need to be hired some need to be fired.

My favorite colors are black, pastel black, faded black, washed out black, light black, dark black, basically black unless they make a darker color. When it comes to fashion Buy less, choose well and remember Simple is the new black.


P.S: If you like to party, this is our secret handshake.


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