Self Expression

An ode to self

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

Everyone has a side that’s only known to them. We only let the other person to know us to the extent we want them to know about us. For the kind of person I am, I live with the world and also in the world of my own. My imaginations can be wild but my connection to the practical world gives me reality checks whenever needed. Who I am, what I am and where I want to be, are some questions I struggle to get answers for. I believe if we live in the moment and if we embrace what we have then we can make peace with our self and everything around us.IMG_20151115_182019

If I have to describe myself in words, i’ll fail miserably. I am still learning, still figuring out the bigger picture and trying to move beyond the idea of pleasing people. We all have a different perspective to life, we all see ourselves differently and some accepts themselves for who they are. That’s exactly what I go for, I am who I am. I don’t believe in pretending and faking. I do what I feel like doing in the moment.Even when at times I have to bear the consequences I do that without any regret because I am aware of the fact that in that moment I really wanted to go for it. There is no harm in taking responsibility for our actions. We can all be a little mad and that’s the beauty of it, thus embrace that madness it makes you, you.


My madness is that I believe in the good things. I believe one day the amount of good you put out in the world will come back to you. No matter what life has to throw at you, bounce it back with love and optimism. I travel, enjoy, read books that gives me a deeper insight to life.

Hope is what keeps me moving, we are all stories in the end so why not to become one that is worth telling and moreover worth experiencing.




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