Awaaz, Self Expression

The Foodie Acrophile

I love to enjoy my life to the fullest. I have love for food and like to try different cusines. I am fond of desi cusine as they are made perfectly to the exact spices that make them so delicious. I socialise a lot and meet a lot of people but even with this much social life I only have a handful of people whom I actually trust.

For me one has to work hard to gain my trust as I don’t go for people so easily. There has not been an incident in particular that made me have trust issues but the infact it is in me by default.

I am a very secretive person. I don’t share much of things with my closed ones, which is why I have trust issues with alot of them as well.

I love to travel specially towards mountains as they are my strength and they let me open up myself without being jugded and let me explore more about myself. It provides me with the time that one requires to spend with oneself. It helps me relax.


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